The Rancho Tour

Thursdays 12:30-5pm
meet St. Paul's Church, Cardo 6
$750, $40us, reservation required

A fun way to make a difference. All proceeds benefit Las Rancheritas.

The Rancho Tour is an opportunity to meet the weavers of Las Rancheritas and experience life in a rural village. The 16 women are the descendants of the Otomi pyramid builders. . This is an intimate hands-on experience where you will be invited into the homes of the villagers to experience the following: Tortillas made by hand, cooked on a wood fired comal and decorated using an ancient process followed by a delicious traditional lunch, Medicinal herbs and other traditions that have been used by these indigenous people for millennia, A short lesson in the ancient language of he Otomi taught by an elder, traditional stone carving demonstrated by a master, Rug hooking demo and shopping in Las Rancheritas store.

The tour is an excellent learning experience for children 8 and and up and great opportunity for photographers. Our general tour are Thursdays 12:30 – 5:00. The cost is $40 US or 750 pesos and includes transportation, lunch and the our. Tours leave from in front of St. Pauls Episcopal church on Cardo 6. You must have a reservation.

Email: Bring extra cash since There are also wonderful crafts to purchase at great prices.

If you have a group of 8 or more you can arrange for a private tour:

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