Medieval Festival/Mundo Medieval


Saturday, Sunday, July 31, August 1, 11am-7pm
Viñedo la Santa Vid, Carretera SMA-Querétaro Km 9.5
$200 adult, $150 child per day

Medieval Festival/Mundo Medieval


Shows and activities:

> Jousting on horseback.
> Great Medieval Villa.
> Medieval Folk Music
> Tournament of matches
> Medieval games.
> Falconry, Bird exhibition.
> Medieval Dances
> Viking Battles
> Show with fire.
> Witch dances.
> Nordic dances.
> Medieval, Viking and Pagan Market.
> Handmade drinks.
> Food area.
> Parking area.
> Toilets

Limited space, with all the health care, bring covers all the time.

If you want to camp at the event:
Cost to camp $50 pesos per person.

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