Michael Hoppe at Home - concert

Wednesday, Feb. 24, 5pm
$700 Tickets

Michael Hoppe at Home - concert

For several years now, composer and pianist Michael Hoppe has donated a concert at el Teatro Angela Perralta to Children’s Art Foundation’s (CAF). This year’s performance will be in a more intimate venue, Michael’s SMA house.

When the Covid-19 pandemic closed Mexican schools, Children’s Art Foundation’s classes in five SMA communities also shut down. However, since then, CAF has been able to deliver art kits to students of two large schools so they can create at home. Once it’s safe, there’ll be an exhibition of their Covid-19 work. In the meantime, CAF is exploring the possibility of holding classes outdoors.

And, if you’re in SMA and would like to help out, volunteers are needed to assist with the production and to promote ticket sales. Email Hannah artedelosninos(at)gmail.com.


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