100+ Women Who Care

Monday, October 18
3:30 Mix and Mingle
4:30 Sign in
5 PM Meeting Begins

Rosewood Outdoor Amphitheater
Nemesio Diez 11

All women (and men) are welcome.
You may visit, or join at this meeting.

Once again we plan to hold our Monday, October 18th meeting in person in the outdoor amphitheater at the Rosewood. We strictly maintain social distance in seating. Masks are mandatory, and it’s outdoors. All who came for our July meeting felt safe.

We totally understand anyone who does not want to attend this gathering for safety reasons. Please don’t feel any pressure to attend. The only problem with not coming is you don’t get to vote. You have to trust those of us who are there in person.

However, please do feel enormous pressure to get your quarterly contribution to us before October 17.

We are setting up TWO drop-off locations with liberal open hours for your convenience.

1. La Conexion, on Ancha de San Antonio 39. Box 543

Open: 9 to 5 Monday through Friday. 9 to 1:00 on Saturday. Closed Sunday.

2. Galeria Atotonilco in the Fabrica Aurora.

(Main corridor. Pass the antique store. Take the next left. It is the first store on the left.)

Open: 10 AM to 6:30 daily except Tuesday. The manager is “Elsa.”

On the sealed envelope containing your contribution, please write on the outside of the envelope

• 100 Women Who Care – Box 543

• Whichever is appropriate:

Individual member

Two-person team

Four -person team

• The full names of everyone on the team.

We all have a full week to drop off our contributions, or of course you may bring yours to the meeting. Please make it a priority to drop off your contribution before October 19, or have someone do it for you if you are not in town. Or, see you at the meeting!

Thank you!
Your Steering Committee
Alice, Jeff, Jody, Marty, Mary, Susan, Vicky

How We Raise the Money

How does 100 Women Who Care raise all this money? Our process could not be simpler. We meet four times a year for one hour each time. Each woman (or team of two women) donates $1,000 pesos each meeting. The names of about twenty NGOs that have been nominated by members are placed in a hat. At each meeting, we draw three names. We hear a short presentation on each of the three organizations, and then we vote. The winning organization receives the grant of $100,000 pesos or more. In recent meetings, we have been raising more like $120,000 pesos each time!

New Membership Category Restores Original Intent

At our January meeting, we are instituting a new category of membership called “Sin Limite” (Without Limit). When we organized this group seven years ago, the $1,000 pesos we pledged to donate every three months was equivalent to about $100 usd. Now, $1,000 pesos is worth about $50 usd. For members who could afford the original intent of $100 usd four times a year, we have created a new member category to make that an easy step. For many of us, $50 each time just does not seem like enough, when we see the life-changing differences our contribution makes to these groups doing amazing work for families in rural communities.

How To Join

We encourage you to join this remarkable group of women. All you have to do is show up at a meeting, sign a pledge agreement, and then attend every meeting if you are in town.

Can’t Attend the Meeting?

If you know you will be absent for several meetings, you are welcome to leave your donation in our locked mailbox several meetings or even a full year in advance. We will divide your contribution up and present $1,000 pesos each meeting for you. Leave your cash in a sealed envelope with your name and e-mail address clearly printed, addressed to 100 Women Who Care, Box 543, and leave it at the La Conexion location in the front of Paprika Restaurant on Ancha de San Antonio. Many members do this, and it works well. We are more than happy to accommodate you in this way, and encourage you to consider it.

If you are a visitor, you are welcome to attend and make a one-time donation.

Special to Men

Men are welcome to attend meetings, to contribute, and to become members. We don’t change the name of our group because we are loosely affiliated with similar groups in other cities, but we welcome the participation of men. In the 100 Who Care Alliance, there are more than 600 groups similar to ours in the United States and several foreign countries. (Visit 100whocarealliance.org.)


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