Musas Harp Ensemble - concert

Wednesday, April 28, 5-7pm
Teatro Santa Ana, Reloj 50a

Musas Ensamble de Arpas
in Concert

concert to benefit the Public Library of San Miguel Allende

By Rossana Conte

Musas Ensamble de Arpas is a musical group comprised of four Mexican harpists, unique in Mexico and Latin America, not only because of their instrument but because of their versatility and approach to the music where they explore new sound possibilities and style in the pedal harp.

Historically, the harp has been related to the heavenly and divine, nevertheless, Musas shows through their repertoire, more aspects of this instrument without losing its beautiful and particular sound.

Their interest in spreading and sharing the music of their instrument has led them to ask for commissions, arrangements and to compose themselves music for this group.

Their repertoire is comprised of different musical genres such as baroque music, impressionist, traditional, rock, pop and contemporary music.

They have a 3 year career path in which they have participated in important festivals such as Acoustic Fest, MotivArpa, Week of the Harp in Buenos Aires, Argentina and the First Virtual Harp Festival organized by Universidad Veracruzana.

They recorded the song “Sol Redondo” with Denise Gutiérrez, member of the band Hello Seahorse! And Fernanda Ulibarri, member of the Mexican Standoff.

They collaborated with Brujería de Tianguis, the Cultural Association of Galicia in Mexico, among others.

In December 2020 they released their first 2 singles on digital platforms, you can find them entitled “Tierra Latinoamericana”.

This assemble is comprised of four young and talented artists with a great trajectory. Amalinalli López Pichardo is a winner of the scholarship from the FONCA, she’s a promoter of harp music composed by women, Alejandra de Ita López has won the excellence scholarship by Sistema Nacional de Fomento Musical because of her great performing, Huitzi Cruz Moreno won the Turquoise Foundation scholarship to study at the Music and Theater Academy of Monaco, Joana Téllez Sosa has won international harp competitions in Mexico and Croatia.

Musas Ensamble de Arpas will offer two concerts on April 28th at 17:00 and 19:00 hours at Santa Ana Theater, we invite you to get your tickets and not to lose this great experience where you will enjoy an incredible program titled “Journey with harp” which will take us from Europe, through Spain and France, the place of origin of the pedal harp, to Latin America, where the harp plays an important role in traditional music of countries like Mexico and Venezuela, among others. We’ll listen to sones, habaneras, caprichos and danzones, a unique experience.

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