Galeria Izamal Anniversary Sale

Saturday, Nov. 28, 11am-8pm
Galeria Izamal, Jesus 25

Galeria Izamal Celebrates Its 28th

By Henry Vermillion

In 1992, I was one of a handful of painters having coffee in the patio of the ancient Meson de San Jose on Calle Mesones. We were commiserating about how the three art galleries in town (there were only three) were not selling much of our work. They stuck our stuff in their bodegas where they never saw the light, etc. etc.

“Wait”, said one of us. “Look at that!” It was a “FOR RENT” sign on one of the little locales around the patio. “Let’s start our own gallery!” And, in November of that year Galeria Izamal opened in that 15 by 15 foot space. To invent a phrase, the rest is history.

To celebrate our 28th anniversary, all day Saturday, November 28 Galeria Izamal artists and jewelers will offer discounts---many of them substantial---on their work. The discounts will apply that day only. Our spacious new downtown location is at Jesus 25, just a few steps past Cuadrante.

Over the years, Galeria Izamal has featured the art of Jaime Goded, Peter Leventhal, Marion Perlet, Keith Miller, Stan Goldberg (the creator of “Archie” comics), Roberto Fuentevilla, Gerardo Ruiz, Jesus Real, and many others. In our beginning years, through a connection with a Mexico City gallery, we also showed work of famed Mexican artists Francisco Zuniga, Rufino Tamayo, Jose Luis Cuevas, and Roberto Montenegro.

Galeria Izamal is and has always been a co-op, which means that each of the ten members shares all gallery expenses and work. Since the gallery takes no commission from artist´s sales, artist member’s prices are generally forty or fifty per cent less than in commercial galleries.

Current gallery artists are jeweler Wolfgang Lichter, Juan Ezcurdia´s jewelry designs (whose watercolors are also available), photographer Elena Baca, and painters Juan Carlos Cázares, Jeff Ferst, Javier Garcia, Cissy Smith Marks, Lawrence Selevan, Henry Vermillion, and Britt Zaist. Britt is also gallery manager.

The gallery is open daily from 11 am to 3 pm, and 4 pm to 8 pm, but will not close for lunch for the anniversary Saturday, November 28.

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