FFractals: Organic Sacred Geometry In Life, Nature, And Art

Thursday Jan. 14, 3pm
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Fractals: Organic Sacred Geometry In Life, Nature, And Art

by Béa Aaronson, PhD

EVERYTHING IS LINKED…Ever wondered what is at the core of it all? What links the universe, us, DNA, a broccoli, a Baobab, lightning, blood vessels, nervous system, brains, corals, cabbages, desert cracked soil, elephant skin, mountain ranges, paper folds, a leaf, a wave, a snow flake, a flower?

Ever wondered about the similarities between tortoise shell patterns, spider webs, minerals and tree trunks? Between Gothic, Islamic and Buddhist architecture? Between Indian fabric designs, Art nouveau wall paper, Celtic calligraphy, Persian rugs and Tibetan Mandalas?

FRACTALS, my friends, FRACTALS are the core of it all!

Our understanding of Chaos Theory is moving away from randomness and disorder, toward a higher form of organic order, an order of disorder if you like, that drives and structures everything alive, and everything, we humans have created: from hierarchical power structures, economics, politics, to buildings, clothing, music, language, our very own thinking process, the internet, and art. This lecture will bring to you an appreciation of our latest scientific discoveries, including nanotechnology, and will disclose how artists have consciously or unconsciously tapped into this organic disordered order process.

After a brief but substantial introduction to Mandel Brot’s fractal geometry, I shall then show you numerous illustrations from the world around us and within us, to illustrate his perception of life and the universe.

I will link the natural world to architecture, applied arts, figurative and non figurative art.

We shall look with a totally different gaze at the work of Hokusai, Van Gogh, Dali, Escher, Mark Tobey, Pollock, George Mathieu, Roberto Matta, Hans Bellmer, Hans Hartung, Henri Michaux, Frans Kupka, Piet Mondrian, to name but a few.

You will be stunned with the comparisons, mesmerized with the power of fractal geometry.

You will hopefully acquiesce to my perception of artistic endeavor as yet another ramification of the primordial core of life, which the Jewish scientist philosopher Mandel Brot understood and visualized as a self replicating self similar organic process, based on the universal interconnectedness of a fragmented reality. I shall explain it all. Do not worry!

With humility and astonishment, I invite you to discover the world of fractals, a world which will open your eyes, minds and souls to something quite huge, way beyond ourselves, notwithstanding the amazing beauty arising from this organic process.

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