Marc Chagall: The Poet Painter

Thursday, Sept. 17, 3pm
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Marc Chagall: The Poet Painter

“Will God Give Me The Powers
To Breathe My Sigh Into My Canvases
The Sigh Of Prayer And Sadness
The Prayer Of Salvation And Rebirth”

Marc Chagall… An artist whose message is one of love, hope and kindness. This Jewish artist from the Vitebsk shtetl enthused the whole world with his magic. He could have been a poet, a musician, or an actor too, but he chose painting to share with us his memories, his emotions, his hopes. Henri Miller called him “A poet with the wings of a painter,” and rightly so as I shall reveal to you in this presentation.
Through his physical and symbolic use of color, Chagall makes us fly between heaven and earth, between sky and water: fish with wings, birds with fish heads; humans, roosters, goats and donkeys mingling their bodies; suns, moons, stars with sparkling smiles; lovers whose kisses melt into one face; acrobats and fiddlers defying the laws of gravity…

Chagall offers us a world in constant metamorphosis, an essential hybridization, which allows us to live our multiplicity; a world which deliberately ignores the laws of logic and physics, where angels are alive with love and kindness. A world of poetry which makes us feel lighter. A world of transparency, color and light, where we can float and enjoy a magic lightness of being…A world of LOVE!

What Chagall wrote about his life and his art is simply so pure, so illuminated with the freshness of somebody who believes… in LOVE, as the only source of energy able to mend our broken world: "Only love interests me, and I am only in contact with things that revolve around love… In our life there is a single color, as on an artist's palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of love."

Let me take you on Chagall’s wings, to Vitebsk, Moscow, Paris, Mexico, New York, St Paul de Vence. You will follow his life and loves through his liberated and liberating creativity: paintings, ceramics, stain glass windows, tapestries, mosaics, murals, more than 10 000 works! I am looking forward to sharing with you Marc Chagall’s world, to tell you a story about his amazingly rich life –did you know he came to Mexico?- a story about love and cosmic union through the Zoharic incantatory magic of his images.

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