National Wool and Brass Fair

Thursday-Sunday, November 25-28, 10am-8pm
Jardin Principal

You are invited to attend the “La Feria de la Lana y el Latón” in its XLII edition.

Exhibition and sale of handicrafts, elaborated by the artistic hands of our sanmiguelenses artisans.

For millennia our artisans have worked magic with their hands to transform common materials into extraordinary works of art, works that are valued and admired all over the world. On this occasion, various wool and brass items will be exhibited in the Jardin Principal of San Miguel de Allende to give rise to the National Wool and Brass Fair.

This fair is held in the wonderful city of San Miguel de Allende and has the sole purpose of attracting several artisans from the Mexican Republic and abroad to exhibit their crafts for sale, as this also attracts international tourism.

The place where this important exhibition will take place is the Civic Square, where 60 artisans will have a space to show and sell their products. There you can see handicrafts made of metalwork in general, brass, tin leaf and sheet; in addition to wool products.

The Wool and Brass Fair is an event of great tradition and a forum for the exhibition and sale of the original handicrafts of San Miguel de Allende, where ingenious old designs and some more contemporary versions stand out.

In this fair you can find items in different materials and designs, covering almost all tastes. It is an ideal place to go to buy Christmas gifts (especially if what you want is something with authentic San Miguel flavor), where you will

To make the event more than just an exhibition, but also a cultural and entertainment offering, live performances of dance, music, comedians and more are performed; also demonstrations and workshops by expert artisans for the public, teaching how different techniques such as brass, pedal pottery, metalwork, etc. are manufactured.

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