The Scope of William Jennings Bryan - theater

Wednesday, Thursday, October 5, 6, 6pm
Teatro Santa Ana, Biblioteca, Relox 50a
$100 tickets

The Scope of William Jennings Bryan is a one-man play, featuring Frank Simons as William Jennings Bryan.

The play takes place four days after the famous Scopes “monkey” trial in Dayton, Tennessee. Despite his exhaustion, WJB insists upon going from town to town to thank his supporters.

The play imagines his last stop, the nearby town of Winchester. Thousands of people gather to hear The Great Commoner offer his recollections of the trial. Prompted by questions from the “audience”, he also offers his critique of American imperialism, corporatocracy and other issues that could come straight from today’s headlines.

WJB makes several eerily accurate prophecies about the USA and the world, which will leave modern audiences wishing voters listened more carefully to his message of peace 125 years ago.

William Jennings Bryan was the nominee of the Democratic Party for the office of the presidency three times–1896, 1900, and 1908. He lost all three times. Wall Street backing of the Republican candidates played a major role in all of WJB’s losses.

Those who remember Inherit the Wind will recall that WJB looked foolish in court when he agreed to be questioned by defense attorney Clarence Darrow regarding his literal interpretation of the Bible. Yet, we do a disservice to WJB and to our understanding of American history if we stop there–if we fail to consider the “scope” of WJB.

Where is WJB now that we really need him? Fortunately, WJB always had a great relationship with Mexico! He’s here, in San Miguel.

Miss it, and you will only inherit the Hollywood historical wind.

Featuring Frank Simons as William Jennings Bryan
Produced by Marjorie Burren
Written by David Haddad

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