Voter Registrarion Day, (assistance via Zoom), Democrats Abroad

Saturday, January 15, 5-6pm
free, register and rsvp

Celebrate International Voter Registration Day by joining us for a Voter Assistance Event on Zoom!

We will walk you through the registration/ballot request form so that you all ready to vote in 2022!

What is Democrats Abroad? Democrats Abroad is the official arm of the US Democratic Party for Americans living outside the United States and its territories. We hold seats on the Democratic National Committee and send a voting delegation to our party’s national convention. Founded in 1964, Democrats Abroad has full country committees in 50 countries and has members in 160 countries around the world.

How to Join? We invite you to join Democrats Abroad at

How to Register to Vote or Request Your Absentee Ballot? Go to

We are also here to answer questions! Email is at! We want our members to know, that we are here in support of our membership and mission, to help U.S. citizens living abroad stay informed and exercise their right to vote and will continue to do so in future U.S. elections.

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