Help Save Native Trees, Audubon

Saturday, Sunday, March 23, 24, 8:30-11:30am
Parque Landeta
free, RSVP,

In just three hours you can make a huge difference in protecting our native trees at Parque Landeta from invasive plants that are threatening their health. Removing these plagues is rewarding work and you’ll be happy with how good it makes you (and the trees) feel.

Parque Landeta, where we work, is located next to El Charco del Ingenio and is a part of our city’s only natural protected area. It’s important to save our trees for habitat, to help with air quality, carbon capture and erosion control and for the sake of the trees themselves.

Join us between 8:30 am and 11:30!

Tools and equipment are provided. If you need transportation, please let us know when you sign up and we will do our best to locate a ride for you.

Native trees need our help
Our native Mesquite and Huizaches are suffering from an epidemic of Paxtle (Tillandsia Recurvata), commonly known as la Plaga.

Paxtle, is a plant that survives on air, but uses trees (and other surfaces) as a structure to live upon. In small quantities it is not harmful to trees, but right now thousands of native trees in San Miguel are covered with large colonies of Paxtle, which blocks the sunlight they need to produce food, leaves and seeds. These trees also plagued by two forms of parastic plants that rob the trees of nutrients. Without intervention, these trees will eventually weaken, lose their ability to reproduce and ultimately die.

Simply put, we cannot afford to lose what remains of our urban forests and individual native trees throughout our community.

The time to act is now!


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