Help Native Trees, Audubon

Tuesday, December 27, 8:30-11:30am
Parque Landeta
free, RSVP


Our native Mesquite and Huizaches are suffering from an epidemic of Paxtle (Tillandsia Recurvata), commonly known as la Plaga and two species of invasive mistletoe.

If these plagues are not addressed, we stand to lose what remains of our urban forests and individual native trees throughout our community. Trees are a natural defense against climate change, desertification and water scarcity. They protect our soils from erosion, provide shelter and food for birds and other wildlife, and produce the oxygen all living beings need to survive. Our native Mesquite and Huizaches also play an essential ecological role in our environment; releasing nitrogen into the soil, which other plants depend upon for their growth.

Many of these trees are 60 years and older, with a normal life expectancy of over 100 years. Preserving our mature trees is the first step in any tree promotion program; protecting the important values they contribute and will continue to contribute if allowed to reach their full life span.

Just three hours of your time will make all the difference in the life of a tree.
Each month, volunteers come out to remove the plagues from the trees at Parque Landeta, located within the natural protected area that also includes El Charco del Ingenio.

There are tasks for all ages and all abilities - some people enjoy working from ladders, others prefer to have their feet firmly on the ground removing the Paxtle from the lower branches. It's a feel good day of goodwill and good cheer.

Join us:
Map to Parque Landeta
We have all the tools and equipment. We suggest you wear long-sleeved shirt or jacket, long pants, sturdy shoes and a hat. Bring water and a snack if you would like.​
We will try to accommodate a ride for you if you need one.


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