Tropes-Icons-Topes, Chapel of Jimmy Ray - opening

Saturday, August 6, 1-5pm
Chapel of Jimmy Ray Gallery, Cieneguita

Richard Schultz is turning a page to a new chapter in the remarkable history of the Chapel of Jimmy Ray Gallery. Sixteen months after the passing of Anado McLauchlin, his husband, friend and co-conspirator in all things fabulous, Richard is pleased to announce a new and unique exhibition of Mexican inspired work by Meryl Truett, an artist, curator, gallerist and full time resident of our inspiring Pueblo Magico. Ms Truett (in true artistic parlance) has developed a deep attraction to the surreal visual playground that inhabits and in many ways defines, the very soul of this culturally influential country.

Other artists included are Ann Chamberlin and the late Leigh Hyams. Ms Chamberlin has worked as a Fulbright scholar/artist in Medellin, Columbia. Her paintings “tell stories that treasure the personal and vulnerable. The late Ms Hyams was also a Fulbright scholar. She said she was driven by “a passion for what frees us and makes us aware of a deeper reality.

Openings at the Chapel of Jimmy Ray Gallery are known for spectacle and surprise. All are invited to this celebration of art and community in an environment that’s become a San Miguel destination. The New York Times described the riotous compound as a “force.” The Los Angeles Times called the Casa de las Ranas “the happiest house in San Miguel.”

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