Creative Feminine Force, Embodiment / RE-Spect

A call for participants

by Mariosa

An Art Installation that invites views to Look – Again (Re-Spect)

As we approach one of Mexico’s most revered holy days, The Virgin of Guadalupe day, December 12th a group of San Miguel women are beginning a profound process of self-examination.

They are asking themselves.

Who is this woman, so adored, and how is her connection to Mexico reflect the reality of their own experience, whether they are indigenous to this country or another? Women of the world are seeking to understand their cultural connection to an ideal of divine feminine as a creative force both of human and planetary life. They are expressions beyond survival, into thriving. So how is it that we can balance these energies into a more cohesive understanding that benefits all humanity and the Earth?

Each has chosen a photo depicting some aspect of The Virgin of Guadalupe, although many are not in the traditional sense. They all depict the Creative Feminine Force that we call many names. This is the reason we ask the audience to Look Again. Can we all see this force as the Mother? Unconditional love?

Could “she” be …… Your mother, sister, daughter, grandmother, wife, girlfriend, earth????

These women are embodiments of their own personal stories and their connection to a Divine Energy beyond cultural implants.

This is an invitation also for them to include the Divine Masculine. How is it that we can balance our energies back to an original blueprint, one that honored that connection to the benefit of both?

The bigger questions we are asking in this NOW moment are ones of consciousness raising, unification, balance, and RE-Spect. We are inviting your energy to participate. Follow our progress in the pages of Lokkal coming soon.

If you would like to become a sponsor of this art form or a participant email me. Include "Embodiment" in the subject line please:

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