Destroy My Statues?! - theater

December 3-5, Friday, Saturday 6pm; Sunday 3pm
Teatro Santa Ana, Biblioteca, Relox 50a
$170 buy online

To address the national furor over the demolition of Confederate monuments, National Public Radio manages to reach out to Civil War hero Robert E. Lee, wherever he is "living," and persuade him to sit down for a Zoom interview. The themes: removal of those monuments, including a huge statue of him in Richmond, Virginia; and Lee's own decisions, attitudes, and statements about and during the war.

The interviewer's direct questions cover such sensitive issues as whether Lee's behavior amounted to treason against the United States; his history as a slave owner; the postwar devotion of the South to the "Lost Cause"; The exalted reputation of the General Union U.S. Grant; and the destruction of dozens of Confederate statues, historical markers, and the like.

Regardless, Lee displays occasional flashes of humor and grudging understanding of the case against him and the monuments, along with a constant pugnacity whenever he believes that his convictions or the honor of the South are being questioned. At the end of the interview, he surprisingly has become ... well, you'll see.

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