Millesime Gastronomic Weekend

Thursday-Sunday, May 26-29
Rosewood, et al
$700/day tickets and more


Millesime Gastronomic Weekend, the great festival of gastronomy, will arrive for the first time in the most cosmopolitan and avant-garde colonial city, to the delight of all with more than 20 great chefs and a spectacular staging

With a duration of four days, in which it is expected to receive more than 3 thousand people of the highest level, Millesime GNP Weekend will become the most renowned gastronomic catwalk presenting local, national and international chefs who will share the kitchens in various environments.

The main venue of the event will be the Rosewood Hotel, where attendees can be immersed in a “Garden” experience, in which chefs, mixologists, wine cellars and local products will be the ingredients of a unique experience.

This event will be held from May 26 to 29 and will have various experiences around the city such as the Plaza de Toros, the Bulla San Miguel restaurant, of the La Única Group, the Tené Latin Cusine restaurant of the Casa 1810 Collection group, exclusive terraces, restaurants, bars and galleries of the city.

“After the success obtained in its first nine editions in Mexico City, we created a new concept, Millesime GNP Weekend, San Miguel de Allende, with a new concept making a less corporate and more social celebration having as a framework a colonial city full of art, culture, possessing a cosmopolitan and avant-garde atmosphere. This edition will be open to the public, with the quality and attention to detail that characterizes our events”

On the participation of sponsors, Quintanero explained that they are the companies that have always believed and supported the project, such as GNP, Diageo, American Express, Monogram and Lincoln, which celebrates 100 years of elegance and innovation.

Millesime is synonymous with quality and exclusivity, with gastronomy being the protagonist, with only the best in each field: sommeliers, mixologists, gallery owners, interior designers, architects, producers or DJs.

Among the stellar events will be held the “Dinners of Height”, with the presence of chefs Gerardo Vázquez Lugo, from Nicos Restaurant; Ricardo Sanz, from the Ricardo Sanz Group in Madrid; Rodolfo Guzmán, from Borago, in Santiago, Chile; and José del Castillo, from Isolina, in Lima.

In addition, in the iconic Plaza de Toros, an event with a magical enclave will be mounted, where attendees will be able to enjoy the best of the national gastronomy with first-class raw materials, as well as the most awarded wines and beers.



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