Round 5: Boxing Event

Saturday, August 13, 6pm
Salon de Eventos los Pinos, Salida a QTO 185
$200, $300


Round 5: Boxing Event [] Salon de Eventos los Pinos
ROUND 5 is already to go in San Miguel de Allende with 13 fights and a professional debut of the Mexican Boxing School New Generation VS MMA Colombia, next Saturday, August 13 in the room “Los Pinos” from 6 in the afternoon.

“We are champions,” said coach “Pato Pacheco” Rodrigo Pacheco Cruz of the New Generation Mexican Boxing School, makers of the event by highlighting the capacity and fogueo that the fighters already present, not only in San Miguel de Allende, but where they are presented.

Round 5, will feature the presentation of talent from San Miguel, with guests from Celaya and San Diego de la Unión, while from Medellín Colombia the exchange of professionals from the “MMA COLOMBIA” academy already underpins an event full of boxing adrenaline.

In his professional debut he will perform to represent his gym in San Miguel de Allende and Mexico; Uziel “Pajarito” Well, against a very strong fighter from Medellín Colombia, also in his professional debut, Armando Fontalvo, representing MMA COLOMBIA.

Currently the New Generation Mexican Boxing School has a presence of 120 students from 5 years of age to all ages, a hotbed that is increasingly consolidated to look for the next champion of boxing in San Miguel de Allende.

Don’t miss this great event! Ticket sales are at the Escuela de Boxeo Mexicano Nueva Generación (Calzada de Estación S/N. Next to the Social Impulse Center), in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico or with each of the fighters on WhatsApp 415 566 2408.

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