Drawings at Galeria Blue Moon - opening

Friday, August 5, 5-8pm
Galeria Blue Moon, Calzada de la Estación 151 (above Lavinia's)

by Henry Vermillion

A cocktail reception; four painters---three from San Miguel, and one from Mexico City.

Drawing, of course, is our oldest art form. Cave drawings preceded the famous cave paintings at Lascaux, and since then-- despite computer programs-- drawing by hand is still the standard. The four featured artists in this special show are Andrew Klein, Ray Herrera-Leguizamo, Henry Vermillion (all from San Miguel), and Ernest Zeivy, who is from Mexico City. All of the four have had many international shows and awards, and are experienced teachers of art. The show is called ”A Dialogue Among Friends”.

Andrew Klein is a figurative painter who is lately obsessed with succulents and cacti “both real and imagined”. He has taught in universities and high schools in Chicago, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Boston, and San Miguel de Allende. He is a co-founder of the Blue Moon gallery.

Ray Herrera-Leguizamo was born and studied in Mexico City, has been an editor and illustrator for newspapers in Mexico City, and has done museographic work for UNAM, INAH, INBA in the Capital City. He is known for his mysterious abstract landscapes, is a unique drawer of figures and has lived and worked in San Miguel for several years. He is co-owner, with his wife Elvia, of the Galeria San Antonio across from the Parrochia San Antonio.

Henry Vermillion is a Texan who has lived in San Miguel for 30 years. He was a co-founder, with his wife Britt Zaist, of Galeria Izamal, which they operated for twenty-nine years. He is a figurative painter, and he has conducted a Tuesday life figure drawing session for over forty years. Most of his drawings in this show are studies for “Boystown”, an upcoming show about border town brothels scheduled for August 19th at Galeria San Antonio.

Ernesto Zeivy says he is self-taught, but adds that he studied at the Pratt Institute, the Art Students League, and the School of Visual Arts, all in New York.
He has exhibited widely in Mexico as well as in China, Argentina, Ecuador, and Indonesia, and is also owner/manager of restaurants and jazz clubs in Mexico City.

About the title “A Dialogue Among Friends”, Ray says “With Ernesto I share a history of complicity that includes drawing naked women and listening to jazz in Mexico City, and now in San Miguel I have found a brotherhood--- through the love of drawing--- with Henry and Andrew. The love of drawing helps you meet brothers on the road, each headed toward the same place.”

Galeria Blue Moon is open from 11am-4pm Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and 11am-3pm on Saturdays.

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