Ballet Folklórico

Sunday, August 21, 6pm

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Ballet Folklórico presents a series of folkloric and creative dances.

El Ballet Folklórico Representativo de San Miguel de Allende presentará un programa de bailes folklóricos tradicionales y bailes creativos.


“Amigos del Ballet Folklórico de San Miguel de Allende” has been created at the initiative of its admirers and fans with the goal of helping the 46-year old Ballet gain greater exposure and recognition, while allowing it to continue to grow and providing it with much-needed financial help. History of the Ballet (resume) The “Ballet Folklorico de San Miguel de Allende de la Casa de la Cultura” was born in 1975 in the Centro Cultural “El Nigromante”, National Institute of Bellas Artes. It was an initiative of Maestra Gloria Rodriguez Navarrete, its director during the first 20 years. The mission of the Ballet has been to “preserve our traditions and identity, and please the public with programs full of life, joy, and passion.” During these past 46 years, the Ballet has presented hundreds of spectacles in San Miguel, its vicinity, and many states of the country. The Ballet has been regularly invited to participate in regional, national, and international events. Since its beginning, one of the main goals of the Ballet has been to rescue le folklore of this area, rich with a great diversity of dances which had been lost over time. In 1998, the Ballet was officially recognized as the “Ballet Folklorico Representativo de San Miguel de Allende” de la Casa de la Cultura.” The Ballet has been responsible for initiating the celebration of the “Reseña de la Alborada”, and for animating other events, such as the Pastorelas.

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