Solutions to our Water Crisis

Tuesday, April 4, 4pm
Teatro Santa Ana,Biblioteca 50a
$100 Tickets

Three environmental San Miguel NGOs discuss solutions to the ecological crises that profoundly threaten our water and food security. As our aquifers are drained by agribusiness, our wells are running dry. Rural farming communities are suffering severe water shortages and toxic contamination of wells with arsenic and fluoride. Meanwhile, climate change, drought, deforestation and overdevelopment drives desertification and loss of farmland. This increasingly drives migration to the northern border. Can we as a community come together to reverse these destructive processes? Do we have the will to do so?

Presenters will discuss the immediately viable projects that can help restore our watershed, reforest our bioregion, provide clean water, and create greater resiliency and health in our rural communities. A panel discussion and films will be followed by questions and answers.



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