Rodarte Bazaar

Saturday, Sunday, March 18, 19, 10am-6pm
Insituto Allende, Ancha San Antonio

With the honor to invite to RODARTE Bazar, which allows local Artisans, Artists, Designers or Young Entrepreneurs a safe and a fair place for commerce. We will have jewelry, fashion, unique notebooks, one of a kind photography, traditional Mexican straw weaving, handmade textiles to wear and for your home, paintings, prints and much more.

The utility of the organization of the event goes to a program called RODARTE that provides artistic education to rural, low-income and/or children of need.

In this specific bazaar funds will go towards the Stirling Dickinson School of Art at the Instituto Allende which sponsors teens from 14 to 17 years of age. Classes are held two times a week and each semester has a duration of twelve-weeks. In this specific semester students will begin with the fundamental skill: Drawing on February 7th.

Students do not have an enrollment fee, pay for instruction nor materials.

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