Hortensia Bueno - opening / inauguración

Thursday, May 25, 6-9pm
Casa Sirena, Privada de Animas 11

Renowned Mexico City artist Hortensia Bueno ";La Bueno"; and Frida Bueno

Music by ";Impromptu Jazz Duo";
Wine & Bocadillos by ";Bola"; Catering
Hortensia Artwork Raffle Drawing for first 20 Guests to arrive
Cash & Credit Cards accepted for Art Purchases

Hortensia Bueno's Bio:

Hortensia Bueno is a Mexican artist enchanted by magical realism. In her world, women are sensuous, self-assured, and full of love. These women are real, sometimes mystical, but always magical. They possess a ";je ne sais quoi"; that will make heads turn. Hortensia's world is also filled with tropical reptiles, birds reminiscent of her early work in southeast Mexico when she was part of a team that restored the mural paintings in archeological sites. Churches, dogs, and cats similarly come into being in her art in a playful manner.

Hortensia tells us that she likes to see reality through the looking glass of magic and color. She states: ";I imagine the characters in different situations and transfer this visualization to canvas or paper. This is where my joy begins. I relish giving color and life. In my world women are sensual, portrayed in different situations: dancing, relaxing in sexual fulfillment, enjoying being naked or in delicate lingerie or standing out in vibrant dresses that take us to a tropical forest or beach. My world is filled with mermaids, angels, and mystical beings that play with magical fauna where dogs, cats, iguanas, alligators, birds, and fish intertwine in colors";. Hortensia ends by sharing with us: ";I feel the need to paint even when I dream. It is beautiful. I like my life.";

Hortensia studied at ";La Esmeralda";*. This is the National School of painting, sculpture, and engraving in Mexico City. She studied painting and sculpture between 1980 and 1986. Her work has been shown and sold in Mexico, United States, Canada, and Europe.

*Note: Notable teachers at ";La Esmeralda"; include Diego Rivera, Francisco Zúñiga, Frida Kahlo, Carlos Orozco Romero, Federico Cantú, Luis Ortiz Monasterio, María Izquierdo and Agustín Lazo.


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