Spring Equinox Concert

Saturday, March 18, 5:30-7:30pm
Botanical Garden, El Charco del Ingenio
$500, members $400, children $100, on sale at the Garden but not on the day of concert

For many years the spring equinox has meant for El Charco the welcome to the new rhythm that marks nature. We celebrate 32 years of resistance protecting this beautiful natural monument and we want to celebrate happiness and hope Earth provides and as every year, in the canyon, our natural forum of the Charco del Ingenio.

We invite you to share this celebration, financially supporting the Botanical Garden by buying a ticket, to enjoy a show of high artistic quality. The group Moros y Cristianos, an ensemble that mixes the ancestral voices of the peoples with the most contemporary sound possibilities.

It is made up of Mexican ethnomusicologists, composers and dancers who will delight us with the joy of a universal musical journey.

Come and dance with this harmonization of instruments that achieve a magnificent sound in a natural setting.

Tickets: Reception of the Botanical Garden (There will not be tickets for sale on the day of the concert)


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