Lokkal Overview

Lokkal is a local:
•Search Engine
•Social network
•Economic platform
  and more

Lokkal is a local internet channel; a digital town square for towns and cities; a geographically-specific social-economic-cultural network operated like a public utility or a commons for the benefit of the community.

Search and find local:
  and more.

Let the interested public know what you are offering.

Like the old telephone Yellow Pages revived in a robust, interactive, 21st century form, Lokkal facilitates community communication.

Lokkal, a more humane internet experience.


Local Search

When users on Lokkal add content (profiles, pages, posts, events, map markers...) they choose tags to describe their content.

Other users can find that content by searching for those descriptive tags.

Find people, posts, businesses, organizations, hobbies, events, news, map locations... that interest you.


There are two major search functions on Lokkal: the Search Page and the Wall.

Search Page

Search for events, pages or profiles, by name or tag(s).

Search by name

Search by tag(s)

To focus your search, search by more than one tag at a time.
Lokkal's search results display shows all tags associated with each result, making it easy to discover more about each result before clicking.

When you do click on an individual search result, then you jump to that content: profile, page, event or map marker.


The Wall, like the newsfeed/wall on Facebook, displays posts made on Lokkal. Click the post to like or comment on it.

But, unlike the newsfeed/wall on Facebook, there are dozens of ways to filter posts made on Lokkal.

See posts:
•with photos
•with text
•made on profiles
•made on pages
•with the most likes
•made by your friends
•with tags that interest you
•made by new users

Mix and match filters.

Local Search Made Better

Local search on current search engines doesn't work well. You get a mountain of irrelevant results. Thank you, Big Tech, but we don't need your algorithm; we will present our own community to the planet.

Local Networking Made Possible

Currently it takes a lot of time each week to keep a business social network account updated. Then, just a small percentage of that uploaded content goes to the local audience, whom the local business owner wants to reach. Lokkal makes local social networking easy and intuitive.


Event Calendar

Lokkal maintains a comprehensive event calendar in each town and city. Browse, search, filter and mark events with our user friendly display. Find out what's going on.



On Lokkal you can post text of various sizes and colored, bold, italic, underlined, highlighted and aligned text.


Chat / Notifications

Lokkal has a robust chat function, keeping business and personal messages separate. Notifications are available on the app.



Lokkal Maps (coming soon) is locally monitored and maintained and therefore much more accurate than other maps.


Community Made

A better local economy answers a lot of problems facing society.
Stronger community solves many more.



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