About Us

Lokkal is:
• a digital town square
• a robust, interactive city directory, like the old Yellow Pages reborn for the 21st century
• a lot like Facebook, but geographically-specific
• a local social network and search engine where you can:

    - Find businesses, people, places, events, products...
    - Create content: Profiles, Pages, Events...
    - Advertise for free

Without registering you can:
• find people (Profiles)
• find businesses, organizations, clubs, activities and other things of interest (Pages)
• view the event calendar

Registered users can:
• make their own Profile and Pages
• add their own listings to the event calendar
• comment on other users posts (Profiles and Pages)
• message and chat with other users

Navigation Buttons (before login)

Navigation Buttons (after login)

Main Menu (open by clicking Start or User Name in header)

    First select Events, Pages or Profiles
    then search by name or #tag

    View all posts in your city or
    filter posts to see only those:
    • with photos
    • made on Profiles
    • made on Pages
    • with most likes
    • made by your friends
    • with tags that interest you

Lokkal is our local internet platform, a digital mall, connecting the community, the one place to go for everything San Miguel.

  •places of interest
  •movie schedules

There is local TV and local radio. There are local newspapers.
Now there is local internet, Lokkal.

Lokkal is local, geographically-specific:
• making it easy for local businesses to communicate with their clients and potential clients... locally
• making local search simple
(Local social networking and local search are very difficult on global platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Google...)

Like Facebook, Lokkal is a social network where you can make a profile, pages, posts, events and comment on posts.
But Lokkal is geographically-specific. (Each municipality, starting here in San Miguel, has its own dedicated Lokkal platform.)

Like Google, Lokkal is a search engine.
But our innovative search technology makes it easy to find what interests you without sorting through a mountain of irrelevant results:
choose tags (key words) for your content and when users search for those tags they find your profile, page, post, event listing...

On Lokkal it is easy to find what interests you and to reach everyone who is interested in you.

•If your cafe cares about churros enough to choose the hashtag #churros, then users who care about churros can find your cafe;
•If you want to meet someone who has an interest in wine and jazz guitar, you can search profiles for people who have used the hashtags #wine and #jazzguitar;
•If you are visiting a new city and want to play a game of chess, you can search profiles, pages, posts and events for the hashtag #chess.
•If you want to attend a concert, you can search the event calendar for "#livemusic" or "#concert" or "#livemusic" and "#blues" or...

Search is work. People don't want to search; they want to find. Lokkal is find, not search.

When you want your friends and family to know, use Facebook.
When you want the whole community to know, use Lokkal.

Lokkal is:
• a cooperative, open, project
• under community stewardship
• a public utility free of commercial control
• an internet commons managed for the collective benefit
• social networking in the public domain

Lokkal is:
• part of the movement towards a more ethical, more humane internet
• realizing the great hopes of the internet as a force of positive social change

Lokkal is:
• a digital mall
• a local economic platform
• keeping money flowing locally
• enriching the community
• providing Covid relief for small businesses

Raising living standards boosts the overall well-being of society, eliminating many social ills. Local people helping local people benefits everyone in the community, the society as a whole.

Healthier communities create healthier families and individuals, in a positive feedback loop, because stronger individuals and families also create stronger communities.

Thank you, Big Tech, but we don't need your algorithms; we will present our own community to the world.

As a global network of local networks, linking towns and cities around the world Lokkal actualizes the promise and potential of the worldwide web as a unifying force.

Lokkal organizes the internet on an intuitive basis, by location, by towns and cities.
Sharing knowledge, educating, providing a local matrix around which community-based content crystallizes and flows... around the neighborhood and around the world.

Lokkal facilitates inter-community communication and cross-pollination.
You can see and learn from what other communities are doing: read what is being written in Moscow; check out what movies are playing in Shanghai; do anthropological research by studying the catering practices in Southeast Asia.

When you organize the internet around a search algorithm, you get Google.
When you organize the internet around friends and family, you get Facebook.
When you organize the internet around neighborhoods and communities, you get better neighborhoods and communities, you get Lokkal.

Lokkal is the community becoming self-conscious. Like in some artificial intelligence fantasy, it is the city becoming aware of itself.

You can sit down at your computer or pick up your smartphone and feel community, in your city and in other cities. You'll be able to visit or and get the edification of travel, without the airplane.

With that Lokkal becomes a digital, interactive experience of planetary consciousness. People don't need to meditate, have a near-death experience or take mind-altering substances to grasp world unity. With Lokkal the experience of our interconnectedness is available on your digital device.

The internet is the brain of the world. Until now it has been a very chaotic brain. Wonderful, mystical things happen when we start putting that brain in order. We became more aware of the planet, of being all together on "Spaceship Earth," and the planet becomes aware of itself.




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