Lokkal is a cooperative local platform, an open community project.

Lokkal is the digital town square, promoting local communication, organizing the community.



Building the Local Economy

Lokkal strengthens the local economy.

With Lokkal's local search and networking functions you can quickly and easily:
  •Find what interests you
  •Reach everyone who is interested in what you are offering

Lokkal develops and shares the digital technology that allows local people to compete with national and global interests. El pueblo unido jamás será vencido.

Currently large corporations come and extract wealth from local towns and cities. Lokkal will challenge Air Bnb and Uber, who now extract from our community up to 25% commission and fees of money spent on their platforms. Lokkal will develop an online market of locally available goods to compete with Amazon and Mercado Libre?

Lokkal keeps the money flowing in the community:

A man comes into town, enters a hotel, puts a $100 bill down on the counter to rent a room. Then, deciding to view the room first and leaving the $100 on the counter, he takes the key and walks upstairs. From behind the counter, the hotel owner grabs the $100 and runs next door to the restaurant where he uses the money to pay his account. The restaurant owner, money in hand, delivers it to the table where is sitting the contractor who is building him an addition. The contractor pushes the bill across the table to the sex worker to whom he is in debt. She rises quickly and runs next door putting the $100 bill on the hotel counter to pay her account, just as the man is making his way back down the stairs.



Fostering Community

The answer to most of the pressing problems facing society today is "family and community." Preventing gang violence, educating children, improving health... all largely depend on family and community. Political change is largely accomplished by organize the community. The individual, the family and the community are the solution, not the government. We have the power.

Improving the community, creates stronger families, which makes better individuals. And, in the other direction, healthier individuals make healthier families, which make a healthier community.



Enhancing Quality of Life

Raising living standards boosts the overall well-being of societies, eliminating many social ills (abusive behavior, etc.). Free of the desperate struggle for the basic necessities, people are able to focus on their higher needs: belonging, meaning, creativity, well-being... Also, when people are not in poverty they take better care of the natural environment. Local people helping local people benefits everyone in the community, the society as a whole.

We are social animals, finding purpose in relation to others.



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