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On the computer these icons are in the header.
On the phone they are in the footer.



Filter Wall posts by tag: type (1) or touch (2).



Click start (1 or 2) to open Start Menu (image below).


Start Menu

Change language, view tutorial, register, login...


Event Calendar

Click on event title for more information.



You must create a Page (1) to publish on the Wall.
You cannot publish posts on your Profile.

(2) The Pages button on your Profile links to your Pages Tab
(3) Click the Events button on your Profile to create an event.


Pages Tab

The first item on your Pages Tab is your Profile (upper image, Dr David).
You can hide your profile from other users by clicking on the eye icon (1).
In the lower image, Dr David has created his first Page: Admin.
You can hide your Page from other users by clicking on the eye icon (1)
or delete it by clicking on the red X (2).
Click create page (3) to make one or more pages.


Events Tab

Click on "Create event" (1) to make your own event.
Then complete the following entry form.
Items with * are required.

(1) Type tags to categorize your event.
(2) Click "Enter" or the "+" icon to add your tag.
(3) Click on the tag to delete it.
(4) Add a photo to the Description field.
(5) Redirect user to another website when they click the title of your event.
(6) Click the "Add and create another similar event button" to list other days or times for your event.
(Be sure to change the day or time for the next listing.)



Search for Events (1), Pages (2) or Profiles (3)
(4) Search by name or type a # to search by tag.

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