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Life, The Universe and Everything, Andy Fletcher - talk

Monday, Tuesday, February 12, 13, 11am-1pm
St. Paul's Church, Cardo 6

Life, The Universe and Everything, Andy Fletcher - talk

You should love Big Bang because the discovery of Big Bang was the most amazing, stunning, unbelievable, extraordinary, mind-boggling, gobsmacking, paradigm-shattering, science-altering event in the history of human thought, and it brought the discussion over the existence of God back onto the table.

Big Bang was that moment when space and time came into existence, Christians say, "In the beginning was God". Before Big Bang, there was no ... before. No space. No time. No nothing. There was no there, there for anything to be there in, no when for anything to be then in.
Then, in a tiny tiny fraction of a second, the rate of expansion perfect to one part in ten to the sixtieth, the universe blew itself into existence. In a moment, Singularity became a universe-sized universe, a cosmos-sized cosmos, the whole process taking far less than a nano second. We are the dust particles from that one instant.

Everything ... came from ... nothing.

Andy Fletcher's talks are a fascinating, a gripping explorations into the way we think the universe is - contrasted dramatically with the way it actually is. We persist in our belief that everything is logical and reasonable, that everything makes sense, and that we can pretty much understand everything of importance in science and nature.

Andrew Fletcher, back by popular demand.

Join us at St Paul's Anglican Church.
Monday, Tuesday Feb 12 ,13 , crazy, interesting and mind blowing thoughts 11 AM.

If you did not hear him last year, you will not want to miss this year!. All welcome donations 150 pesos accepted at the door.

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