The Silent Child - film

Tuesday, February 26, 5:30pm
Teatro Santa Ana, Biblioteca, Reloj 50a
250 pesos Available at the theatre box office

Includes wine and cheese reception following the 20-minute film with a period of open questions and discussion.
415 152 0588

Oscar-Winning Documentary Sheds Light on Hearing-Impaired Children’s Struggles

The Silent Child - film

By Sharon Doherty

Escuela de Educación Especial or San Miguel School for Special Education is presenting the 2018 Academy Award Winning Short Film, The Silent Child, with a special screening of this inspiring work on Tuesday, February 26th, 2019.

This insightful story is inspired by the real-life experiences of a deaf child. Observing one of the loneliest and also avoidable struggles that deaf children face, in Mexico and around the globe, is very moving. Almost 80% of deaf children attend mainstream schools with no specialized support in place. This is reflected in the grades of these children as well as their mental health and well being.

The event will also be an opportunity to announce and celebrate EEESMA’s new partnership with Amistad Canada. This partnership allows Canadians to receive tax receipts for donations to the school. See for more information. We hope to see many of our Canadian friends at the screening but, of course, film enthusiasts from all countries will be warmly welcomed.

Please join us in showing our encouragement and support for the children and young adults attending Escuela de Educación Especial, a non-profit association where a bilingual model of Mexican Sign Language and written Spanish is used to provide an education to deaf children from preschool through high school; as well as building dreams and hope for the future.

For more information, please email John Doherty at

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