3D Banners, My Studio

Saturday, Sunday, February 22, 23, 11-5pm
corner of San Elias & Privada San Pablo, San Antonio

3D is back !!! And You are looking at 10 wonderful pieces of art. Can it get any better than that? Check out the ten 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 foot panels hanging on the corner of San Elias and Privada San Pablo, February 22 +23rd.

The banners were created by 10 different San Antonio artists, each with ten distinct personalities. MyStudio and the Instituto Allende have joined forces to present this extravagant 3D banner series. We are giving away (yes, free) 3D glasses to all viewers.

What do you do? First check out the art as is. Ok. Now for the treat, put on your 3D glasses, close your left eye, look at the art. Then switch eyes, looking with your left, and watch the magic world of 3D happen. Colors and shapes will pop, vanish and jump right before your own eyes. Go back and forth looking with the blue or red lens. Then look at the art through BOTH the blue + red at the same time - amazing! It’s more than just a double image!

So is this 20/20 vision? It’s just an exercise in how much better color and art can become if you try a new retro experience.

10 Artists included are
Alejandro Mejia Andrade - acrylic,
Mar Conrado Benjarano - inkjet print + acrylic,
Santiago Cruz - hologram + acrylic,
Peter A Davis - acrylic,
Peter Gee - mixed media,
Miguel Hernandez - acrylic,
Alfie Rojas - acrylic,
Lori Schwilling - inkjet print + acrylic,
Emmanuel Sierra - acrylic,
Bruce Stuart - acrylic.

GET YOUR FREE 3D GLASSES Feb 22/23, San Elias @ Privada San Pablo 11-5 pm.

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