Mindfulness Meditation and Tibetan Chanting for Wellbeing

Wednesday, September 28, 6pm
Rosewood Amphiteater
$380, RSVP sanmiguel.spa@rosewoodhotels.com

Join Lama Aria in his meaningful meditation, she explains to us that we are never alone. Of course, we are still going to have bad moments. As a nun and teacher who has lived full-time in a monastery for decades, she explains that even great teachers feel sadness or anger. But meditation techniques allow you to observe these thoughts, without clinging to them, in order to transcend. Meditation and prayers will often transform the negative energy into something that brings peace and resolve within, and also to those around you.

How to Register
Bilingual Meditation, limited space , please RSVP sanmiguel.spa@rosewoodhotels.com

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